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Get a stunning, contemporary, mobile-friendly website for $999.

Showcase your brand. Share your unique solution.

Is your current website…


Web design asthetics are changing quickly. A website created even two years ago can look stale or out-dated.


Over 51% of people are searching the Internet on a mobile device (StatCounter, Nov2016). Will your site capture their attention?


Ummm… if you don’t have a website, how do folks know you’re legit, let alone find your contact info & location?

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.


The Hybrid Solution

You need a new website and you’ve had two basic choices:

Either do it yourself, on the cheap, using lots of sweat equity
pay a developer big bucks – up to $10k – to get it done for you.

Now we introduce the hybrid solution: the One Grand Web difference.

Only 56% of small businesses have a company website…

and of those, only about half are mobile friendly.

Capital One Newsroom, Dec 2016

“As a brand specialization consultant who works with intentional entrepreneurs, I have worked with many website designers, and Madeleine Bucher of One Grand Web Design is my absolute favorite.  She’s like a laser–extremely fast, extremely clean, and scary efficient.  I love knowing that I can refer any of my clients and know that they are going to get a killer website–one that looks as good from a phone as it does from a computer screen.  I love knowing that she understands digital platform and how to make that website work with social media presence, if the client wants that help.

Madeleine’s got that meticulous sense of detail, but her caring and integrity also really set her apart.  You’ll get a great looking site that you can feel proud of, from a woman who cares every bit as much as you do that it captures the unique essence of your brand. I love working with Madeleine and this One Grand offer is an incredible deal.  Go out and find something this good somewhere else at this price–I’ll just wait right here while you’re looking.”

Ellen Melko Moore
Supertight Brand and The Bitch Slap of Truth

“I approached Madeleine because she is a systems thinker and has an amazing ability to see the big picture of how a business currently operates, what it’s lacking and creatively find solutions and systems to make it better, smoother, efficient and more resource-effective from both a time, money and energy perspective. Less drain, more gain!

One Grand Web created two business websites for me that are beautiful, clean, and simple. I’ve received many compliments on my website because it’s not overwhelming, has an appealing presence and creates an atmosphere that invites people in to know more about what I do.

The result?  I have two successful business in the past 5 years and I’m very proud of their presentation in today’s digital world.”

Dr. Renee Ostertag
Founder & President

“One Grand Web, along with Madeleine’s diverse talents, has transformed our web and social media based presence from one of reference to one of a dynamic, interactive information source. Madeleine is able to translate one’s business strengths while also expressing the heart and soul of the proprietor.

One Grand Web also addresses the wide range of tasks that every business faces in today’s technology driven environment, and makes the administration of these tasks manageable. Technology and staying ahead of the competition can be overwhelming, but with Madeleine’s assistance, it can become an opportunity rather than a hurdle.

Our business would just not be the same without One Grand Web.”

Brian K. Bucher
Founder & President

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